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ParisLex : rnetwork of business lawers at Paris 16ème

ParisLex was setup by linking firms specializing in hotel Business Law and French Real Estate  Law in order to combine their respective legal expertise, strengthen the practice and enhance the assistance provided to their domestic and international clients in France.

A team of expert lawyers

French business development is tied by a strong regulatory and administrative environment.
 today offers  one of the strongest legal team in Business Law for the following specific areas : business and commercial law, commercial law, real estate and construction, mostly in the fields of hotel business and tourist résidences and managed student residences, serviced apartment hotels, and serviced  homes for the elderly.
This combined expertise of ParisLex aims at giving our clients the legal keys to success. In addition, we also assist our clients in developing their activities on a day to day basis.

A legal expertise

ParisLex expertise includes following areas : business law, mergers and acquisitions for small and medium-sized companies, commercial litigation, hospitality industry, and tourist residences business and managed student residences, serviced apartment hotels, and serviced  homes for the elderly.

Your choice

By recommanding solutions such as mediation and negotiation, ParisLex lawyers regularly help their clients avoid litigation. We have strong records of successful negotiations in agreement with the objectives of our clients. Additionally, we have experience in handling matters where our clients’ business relationships and public image have been at stake.

Working closely with our clients, we have been successful in providing strong litigation representation before the French courts : civil, commercial, employment or criminal, without adversely affecting business relationships between our client and other parties.