Construction real estate

The clients of BMD law firm include property developers, real estate professionals, hotel industry specific investment funds and real estate funds, very small and medium sized companies and private individuals.

BMD is connected to an international network of experts and consultants in France and in  other countries.

BMD is the current  legal adviser  in many important real estate matters, projects ownership assistance and Program management

Our law firm deals with all matters concerning construction insurance – builders’ liabilities.

  • BMD assists  owners/builders in the contractual and legal field for all operations and particularly in the involvement of guarantee for designers and landlords.
  • Our team covers enforcement both the private and public law system.
  • Our activity as a real estate firm, regularly deals with commercial leases : drafting renewal and transfer of the lease, « deplafonnement » (market rental increases upon renewal), unpaid rents, commercial rent pricing, etc.
  • In residential estate, we deal with :
    • tenancies : drafting of leases, unpaid rents, leave, preemptive right, etc.
    • co-ownership, annual general meeting, recovery of condominium fees, co-ownership rules, division, volume, etc.
    • real estate sales : sales agreements, acquisitions and sales.
    • real estate investments, sale of property or real estate businesses.
  • BMD is also involved  in acquisition/sale of property or assests portfolios, restructuring and merger/transfers or refinancing such as property leasing (sale and lease back).
  • Property management, sale of a business or rights to lease.
  • setting up companies : SARL ( Limited Liability company), SCI (Property Investment company), SAS, SA (Limited company), etc.
  • Responsability and assistance to real estate professionals.
  • Real estate agent : fee recovery,warrants, civil professional liability.
  • Architect : emergency expertise, accident, civil professional liability, project management contract, AMO, MOD, etc.
  • Asset managers, estate agents.